Action Plan for IELTS is a short, self-study guide for IELTS, containing one complete practice test. It is designed for students with a limited amount of time to . Action Plan for IELTS is a short, self-study guide for students about to take the IELTS test. The book is organised by paper and examines each question type in . for IELTS (General Training Module). Filesize: MB Designed for use in the last few weeks before the test, Action Plan for IELTS increases your confidence.

Action Plan For Ielts General Training Module Pdf

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Press, , Vanessa Jakeman, Clare McDowell, Action Plan for IELTS. Self- study Student's Book General Training Module, Action Plan for. IELTS is a short, Cambridge ESOL, providing the most authentic exam practice available pdf file . [PDF] Action Plan for IELTS General Training Module. Action Plan for IELTS General Training Module. Book Review. Unquestionably, this is the best work by any. Action Plan for IELTS General Training Module [With CD (Audio)] by Jakeman, Vanessa and McDowell, Clare available in Trade Paperback on.

Action Plan For Ielts General Training Module

This website is to develop your IELTS skills with tips, model answers, lessons, free books, and more. Search for: There exists in two versions, Academic module this one and General module.

In the case of IELTS, this is even more important because during the actual exams time constraints literally push your performance to drag Knowing stuff but not knowing how to strategize through answers just doesn't cut it! For each and every kind of question, you are presented with a brief discussion and a step-by-step strategy.

After that, you get to try the task once. After trying every kind of question you might stumble into during the test, you'll know what you find most difficult, and you'll be able to do the rest through the help of another publication.

This book might not work for you if you need to learn by example, if you need pictures and visual aids, and if you aren't a planner.

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One flaw though is this: I don't like this thing, So three stars is okay for this book. Improve your IELTS skills with tips, model answers, lessons, free books, and more "The more you share, the more you get. Hi admin, Link is not working although I hit like button! Thanking you. Could you please send the book to this email: Pls send it to kajjal gmail.

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Should you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email at ieltsmaterial. Hey there. Could you please send me Ielts Action Plan Academic audio files?

Thanks a lot. Should you have any questions, feel free to email me at ieltsmaterial. Try reading a c;hort passage in a fixed time for example, set yourself three minutes to read it qu ickly.

You will not understand everyth i ng in the first readi ng, bu t you will become more used to skimming a text to get a general idea of its ma in points. Then you can come back to read certai n parts of the text with more attention.

Likew ise, lry wri ting for a set peri od of time every day. For th is exercise, tota l accu racy is not necessary; rather you are trying to practise getti ng you r i deas down on paper qu ickly. Set you rself n different topic each dny, su ch as Compu ters, the Fa m ily.. J nd ustry in my coun try, etc.

Wri te notes to your friends, or short descri pti ons of something you have seen. Your speed will improve gradu ally, and will be very usef ul i n the exa m, when you musl write a certa in num ber of words for each task in a set period of lime.

There are many different types, and they do not all appea r in every exam. Start wi th the exams in this book. Do each test under exam conditions, then af terwa rds look at the tests aga i n.

What kind of questions were asked in each section? M u lti ple choice? Short a nswers? Matching parts of sentences? Fill ing in diagra ms? Look a t the kinds of q uestions used, and wha t they a rc asking you to d o.

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Then when you sit lhc rea l test, you wil l be more familiar wi th the kinds of questi ons asked, and will und ersta nd wha l you h ave to do more qu ickly. Nole: always read the questions carefully. Do not assu me they wi11 be exactl y the same as the practice tests!

You will get to know how it works, and get practice worki ng u nder exam conditions. Then, when you are ready to tak. If this is not possible, you can ask other students who have taken the IELTS test abou t thei r experience, and find out which tasks they thi nk require the most preparation.

Cambridge Action Plan for IELTS

Exam practice and kno" ing the forma t will help you in the IELTS test bv leaving you free to concentrate on your lang uage skills. However, you will need to work hard to further develop these skills. To do this, it uses the kinds of tasks tha t might be fou nd in real- life situations.

Therefore, you will not be able to simply memorise a nswers. Class Work I n class you r teacher wi ll be introd u cing and cxlcnd ing a ra nge of skills, a l l esscnti n l for the rELTS test. These will inclu de: Spea king: pron uncia lion and in tonation practi ce, fluency practice, usi ng and understa nd ing com mon phrases, i n teracting wi th other speakers, speaking for an extended time on a particular topic, discussing tha t topi c.

Listening: recognising voice tone questions, surprise, etc. Reading: skimmi ng to get a general understa nding , sca nni ng looking for speci fic information , Yocabula ry de.. Writing: adjusting style according to pu rpose, writi ng paragraphs, introd uctions and cond usions, using conjunctions and reference, organ ising i n fonnation within a tex t, using supporting evidence to prove a claim.

Make the most of the work you study in class by reviewi ng i l regu la rly. Re-read your class noles; note ca ref u lly any areas where you had problems. Work on them again and "ce your teacher if you still have questions. Try to use new vocabulary in your wri ting compositions, or in conversa tion. You r teacher knows what you need and will try to help you overcome language problems. By going over lessons you will get the maximum benefit from your teacher' ski lls and work.

Out of class work Most experts agree that the quickest way to improve in a language is to immerse yourself in i t. Therefore, to improve your English skills, try to get into as many situations where you and other people are usi ng English. However, try to find English interest groups, go to English films and listen to English on the radio.

Read English books and magazines.

In an English-speaki ng country this is much easier. Wherever there are people, you will be able to use and understand English. English books and magazines will also be easier to obtain. Try to spend as much of you r day as possible using English.

Free download Action Plan for IELTS

You will probably end up dreaming in English, too! A final word The practice tests in th is book are designed to help you understand the natu re of the test. You cannot use you r results in these tests to accurately predict you r performa nce in a live IELTS test where you will be doing an examination with all its atlendant stresses.

You can, however, get to know the form of the test very well. With all th is preparation - getting to know the forma t of the IELTS test, pra clising exam techniq ues, class work and private study - you will be ready to do you r best in the lELTS exam.

Try also to relax, and do some activities that you enjoy. An occasional break from your studies will give you fresh energy and motivation to continue studying hard. Plan to arrive early perhaps half an hour. Then i you have unexpected transport probJ ems or some other dela you will have extra time to sort them out before the test starts. There is nothing worse than arriving late, upset and flustered, when you need all your mental energy for the exam.

Don't worry abou t the parts of the test that are finished, or those yet to come.

Concentrate fully on the module you have in front of you. Use your time caref ully.Popular Features. Plan to arrive early perhaps half an hour. Then i you have unexpected transport probJ ems or some other dela you will have extra time to sort them out before the test starts. The Writing test The style and shape of you r answer will be covered in more detail in Unit 4 of this book.

Analyse your weaknesses To begin with, read the following statements and tick any that apply to you.