What would the world be without the agon—the agonistics of one man against another—to show everyone the order of precedence among men, just as no two. Agon - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Agon RPG ruleset. agon - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

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"What would the world be without the agon the agonistics of one man against another to show everyone the order of precedence among men, just as no two. In Short. In AGON the players take on the role of Greek heroes in service to the gods who must slay monsters, recover artifacts, and do the. Winner of the Indie RPG Award for Best Free Game. Credits. Game design print them out from the PDF and fill them in, if you'd prefer to do that. Some other games that were influential: John Harper's Agon, Christian Griffen's Beast.

The only complaint that can possibly be levelled at it is the lack of elaboration for the more complex "battle" resolution for activities other than physical conflict. That would indeed be a challenge, and one that could fit quite well within the Hellenic genre.

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In A Wicked Age The game begins by consulting the Oracle; this sets a general setting for the game that will be played. I gave a thin smile when a player blurted out "Blood and sex!

From the Oracle entry one choose a four cards, which add characters, events, and background etc which will be incorporated into play.

For example, 3 of Diamonds "A raving prophet, advocating self-mortification and deprivation of appetites".

Once the Oracle is consulted, each player chooses a character from the list to play. Characters can and almost invariably will be combined from the Oracle's words. If nobody takes up a role indeed, nobody wanted to be the self-mortifying prophet , the GM is presented with the golden opportunity to make this a very major NPC.

Once characters are chosen, they are given "Forms" and a Paricular Strength. These are the story-telling drives to the character's activities and should be designed to conflict with other characters; this is a beautiful moment.

Each scene is set by the GM which involves conflicts in the character's Best Intrestes. These remain as story-telling until one character makes an action another character opposes when two Forms are rolled which reflect their action, or one for NPCs, plus Particular Strengths if relevant.

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The highest single die outcome is compared to the other single highest die results. The person with the highest roll gains Advantage in the form of an extra d6 that adds to their highest result on the next roll. Conflicts last for three rounds or until one player's highest die roll plus Advantage die is double that of the other player's die.

The players then determine Consequences Exhaust or Injure, lose die values or Negotiate, plead for alternatives , which default to reducing the die sizes of a character's Forms. In actual play we found that the bonus d6 makes an enormous difference; the initial victory makes it very difficult for the other characters to turn the tables. However, a character which survives at least one round makes it into the "We Owe" list, which determines that the character can be reinvoked in the future.

Whilst we were not overly enamoured by the conflict resolution system, the brilliance of the game appears in what is a superb combination of character generation, setting, and plot elements, and subsequently the motivation for the GM to include these conflicts within scenes.

Indeed, with a little bit of development it should be more than possible to use this system for other game systems. Best Friends Best Friends is an independent game created by Gregor Hutton, which involves the players each playing a girl, who is "best friends" with the other player characters "…and try to do stuff together while secretly hating each other.

And getting little frissons of excitement out of getting one up on your best friends. It succeeds in conveying an environment of pettiness and backstabbing, as well as allowing the players to play out all the stereotypes as found in teen movies. The greatest strength about this game is its character generation system.

Without going into too much detail, characters have five characteristics, Pretty, Cool, Smart, Tough and Rich, and these are decided by the other players. For each time you are hated by being better than someone else in a particular characteristic, that characteristic goes up by one.

The characters are then put in situations by the GM, through which they need to use their ratings to succeed. If the situation rating is more that the relevant characteristic, then unless they pay the penalty of a chip or token to another player , they lose and take a penalty. The players are given only a limited number of tokens to start, and once gone, they cannot void penalties.

This is a skill in itself, and this will generally determine the winner. The GM is required to create a plot-line that allows plenty of opportunities for the players to engage in this one-upmanship.

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For my session, I had an end-of-year dance. For the three "girls" playing, this provided: - A choice of two potential dates — the "Jock" and the "Geek" Choices of dresses with appearance ratings Other aspects, including a stash of drugs, which could be used to either bribe a date, impede a rival, or ultimately to plant on a rival and then call the cops, thus having them busted.

It then mutated during play into having the father of one of the 'girls' being a big-time drug dealer, who was 'involved' with one of the potential boyfriends, which also allowed plenty of black-mail opportunity — remember, we are not talking happily ever after here, merely being the first to the post. Someone needs to create the situations and feed them to the characters.

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The greatest issue with this is, however, its granularity. Generally, stats will be mostly ones, with some zeroes or twos. The maximum you can have is equal to the number of players. Given the antagonistic nature, this makes the gameplay somewhat staid — you figure out what you are better at than another player, and then try to challenge them in that criteria. The classic black and white art is really nice as well and fits perfectly.


Nice solid rules and a nice solid book. Well worth the money spent. Todor P January 01, pm UTC Is this really a dollar black and white book of regurgitated and reformulated year-old rules or is there a mistake in the pricing? Definitely our group's game of choice going forward.

The book looks good and is generally easy to use. My one criticism is that I'd prefer the character attack matrices and saving throw tables right in the character creation section rather than towards the end of the pleyer's section of the book.

But it has a good monster section, magic items and plenty of advice, tips, and options. Why download 3 or more books when you can have everything in one? It comes in different covers too. Tons of monsters and rules for all kinds of encounters.

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A lots of great random tables too. However, it's general layout is pretty weak and un [ The rules are clear, altought the writing is a little verbose.He can move any opponent that he beat.

Unused Strife is a kind of scoreboard for the Antagonist. Most weapons and armor are made of bronze. Running away is not always dishonorable among the Greeks. You believe in truth and honor. If you are mortal.

When an ability is impaired, it loses one die-level per point of impairment.